All offers specified on this website are valid until December 31, 2017. This website is carefully constructed. However, no rights, including the right to delivery, can be derived from the information published.

Training, consultancy and sofware development services are provided with commitment and according to good crafsmanship, in terms of both substance and way of working. All information with regard to projects and technical or commercial knowledge of clients will be treated stricktly confidential by GEATEC engineering and its representatives.

GEATEC engineering nor its representatives shall be liable for any damage suffered directly or indirectly in connection with the services or products c.q. software provided. Clients shall indemnify GEATEC engineering and its representatives against such claims by 3rd parties.

All rights of sofware developed specifically for a client will be solely with that client, unless otherwise agreed in writing. All rights of software not specifically developed for a client, such as libraries and tools used in a project, will remain with GEATEC engineering or, generally, the original owners of those rights, under the original license conditions.

The sourcecode of software developed specifically for a client by GEATEC engineering as part of a project will be explicitly handed over to the client in full in electronic form at any desired moment, but at the latest at the end of a project. After this GEATEC engineering is under no obligation to keep a copy of the sourcecode and the client is solely responsible for its appropriate storage, backup and continued availability.

For working locations outside of Rotterdam, travel expenses are charged, which are contractually agreed upon beforehand.

In favor of effectivity, hands-on training has a maximum group size of 16 participants. For other courses, the maximum group size is 20 participants. The client is allowed to invite employees from other companies to complete the group to its maximum. Exercises, diagrams and code samples will be delivered by email. The client provides a location and other possible necessities, including books, computers, software, beamer, projection screen, whiteboard and possible installation and management of software.